Hello and thanks for stopping in. I've created this blog to talk about the different aspects of real estate in the Burlington County and Camden County area, as well as to share some personal experiences around New Jersey.

For starters my name is Roxanne Ardary a.k.a "Real Estate Rox". I will begin with how I got into real estate. I used to teach Ballroom and Latin dancing as well as compete professionally around the country. I thoroughly enjoyed the sport and met some wonderful people while teaching and traveling. Unfortunately, over the course of 12 years, I sustained quite a few injuries that made dancing and teaching extremely difficult at times. I decided it was best I started looking for other career options.

Around the same time I had developed a strong interest in acquiring investment properties. I started researching the local market and rental statistics. While I was searching for properties to purchase I started to consider entering into the field. I already knew I enjoyed working with people. I figured that helping someone find and purchase their dream home would probably give me the same rewarding feeling I had when one of my new students, who started out having a hard time figuring out which was their left foot, then were able to dance around the dance floor with confidence and ease. As it turned out, that's exactly how it felt, and still does to this day.

Well that about sums up how "Real Estate Rox" got her start in the business. My future posts will be more informative, but I wanted to start out with a little about me. Thanks for reading and come back soon!