Affordable Real Estate in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Mt. Laurel real estateMt. Laurel, New Jersey has been home to thousands of New Jerseyans since its founding in 1872.  It is now an “edge city” on the rim of Philadelphia. As an edge city, it mixes with the bustle of urban Philadelphia and the relative tranquility of Vincentown and the more rural towns beyond.

Twenty years of experience as a real estate agent in South Jersey has taught me the importance of putting the client first. I know the Mt. Laurel community very well and am confident in my ability to help you find the home or other property that you’ve been looking for. I also know that buying a property is a big decision and that each of my clients hopes to make the right one. If you’re considering buying property in the Mt. Laurel area, let me be your guide to this wonderful area so then you can make the best choice.

I love working with people because I get to know them at a personal level and take them out to the properties themselves  I love it when a client finds something above and beyond their expectations for a home. I help them with their needs and I know how to deliver. I have worked extensively with families and individuals in all kinds of situations on all kinds of budgets. Mt. Laurel has a reputation for being a family-oriented town and has room for all. I know that it can be a great community for you and those with you

Life in Mt. Laurel

Education in Mt. Laurel Township is going strong. The region has 88 preschools, 39 elementary schools, 21 middle schools, 13 high schools and 5 nearby colleges, giving you a full range of education for yourself or for your family. Both private and public options are available, including traditionally Christian schools.  Rutgers-Camden, a member of the nationally acclaimed Rutgers University, is a 20-minute drive from the township. These highly rated institutions assure you that your family can receive a great education while living in Mt. Laurel Township.

There are 40 malls and shopping centers within 20 miles of Mt. Laurel, providing for all the citizens’ material needs. Philadelphia, New York City, Atlantic City and Washington, D.C. are close by, allowing for frequent visits to some of our nation’s greatest landmarks. The New Jersey area is also home to two national parks and numerous lakes, rivers and grasslands – I myself enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing and horseback riding near where I live in New Jersey. The Atlantic Ocean is only 30 miles away as well, providing regular access to the beach. Leisure time in Mt. Laurel real estate never needs to be wasted.

The 81 neighborhoods and complexes in and around Mt. Laurel accommodate all types of families and needs. There are single-family homes, apartment complexes, condominium units and large estates, all at varying distances from schools, shopping centers, workplaces and other city attractions. Each of these diverse communities has its own sense of style and values. My familiarity with all these communities gained through years of experience will help me help you find a property that is a right fit for you and yours.

620 companies operate in Burlington County. They represent all major industries, providing work for the county’s residents, attracting outside attention and speeding internal growth. Numerous computer and Internet technology businesses are evidence of Mt. Laurel’s ever-increasing growth into the future. Close access to the international markets in New York City allow goods to travel to and from Mt. Laurel with relative ease. As a suburb, Mt. Laurel is situated far enough from the city center that you can enjoy the peace of the country but close enough to provide convenient access to the resources of the city, allowing you to balance home and work. Nearby airports connect Cherry Hill and the rest of New Jersey with the entire world. Life in New Jersey provides its citizens with all kinds of opportunities for business, growth and prosperity.

Your Realtor: Your Able Guide to Southern Jersey

The best real estate in Mt. LaurelA skilled realtor knows the entire buying and selling process and is eager to help each client be successful in their hunt for a home. A realtor who has experience in an area knows how this process works in that specific location, as well as being familiar with the properties and the neighborhood. A realtor can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of a particular area relative to another property. He or she is your tour guide to the real estate market in that area, helping you find properties you might not even have known were there. As a realtor with all of these qualifications, I can do all these things for you, allowing you to survey the right properties to help you make your decision the best decision.

Those looking to sell property in the Mt. Laurel area can trust in my real estate expertise. I take pride in making the best sale according to your timetable. A steady flow of buyers moving to or within New Jersey combined with more than 20 years of mean that I can help you find a buyer in your price range and you can move on to your next big step.

Your journey starts here! The best real estate in Mt. Laurel is out there and I’m ready to guide you to it. If you think that I can be of assistance to you as you find the property you’ve been hoping for, let me be your guide to real estate in the Mt. Laurel, NJ area. Give me a call at (609) 346-8209 to start your journey towards the best real estate in South Jersey.