Food for thought... Using edible landscaping for beautiful gardens.

Spring is here, warm weather approaches, and the cherry blossoms are blooming.  It's the time of year when our focus shifts to the amazing gardening opportunities that can accomplish both beautiful curb appeal and a sustainable future.

We have the world at our fingertips but we continue to crush our potential. Imagine being able to have the perfect blend of flowers, trees, and veggies all in one amazing garden bed that would not only be beautiful to look at but edible too! Here are just a few ideas from a garden I recently visited...

Swiss chard mixed in with Sweet Alyssum, Artichoke Thistle, Wallflower to make a very colorful display and works synergistically for the health and protection of the plants from insects.

Kale as a hedge row creating a beautiful color blend and perfect for spring salads...


That quickly spreading Mint used as a ground cover under fruit trees to help retain moisture and protect the health of the soil and an unlimited supply of a Mojito ingredient.  Strawberries are great for this use too and are the perfect sweet accent in salads. 

Improving soil heath and fertility could be a priority for all of us.  Our food, health and environment is directly impacted daily.  With just a little creativity you can have an easy path to improving your well being while simultaneously incorporating sustainable and soil regenerative practices into your day to day life.  The added bonus.. get a few amazing and fresh salads and tasty drinks along the way.