Let Roxanne Ardary be Your Burlington County Real Estate Agent

If you’re thinking about buying a home in beautiful Burlington County, look no further. We’re here to be your Burlington County real estate agent.

Burlington County is just beyond Cherry Hill and has Routes 70 and 73 at its heart. It’s convenient to both 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike yet still has the quiet of suburbia that many home buyers look for.

It’s the best of both worlds.

We Want to be Your Realtor in Burlington County, NJ

realtor in Burlington County New JerseyWe can hear you saying, “Well, yes of course” to our declaration that we want to be your realtor in Burlington County New Jersey. After all, we all want to be the one chosen to guide you.

Why should we be your choice?

It all comes down to passion and experience. And something else.

Not every Burlinton County, NJ realtor has an interactive page that lets you search for homes by area and even neighborhood. But we do. And the great thing about our page is that you can save your searches to go back and view them again.

That’s perfect for someone who is starting a home search but their spouse or partner isn’t available to work on it with them. No worries! You can show them your saved searches any time of the day or night.

We Are the Best Burlington County Real Estate Agent

We know, that sounds a little egotistical doesn’t it? We pride ourselves on being the best and we’ve learned from our customers that they’re looking for that, too.

From Cinnaminson to Marlton to Willingboro, we can show you homes that not only fit your must-have list but might inspire you to dream even bigger.

And when we look at homes together, the listing price may be more than the budget you have set. That’s okay.

A listing price does not mean you must offer at that price. It’s a start. And if we get a home inspection report back that has some major issues, we can negotiate that price.

We recently had a client look at a home that was $25,000 above their budget. And it was crunch time. This Burlinton County, NJ realtor was able to talk the seller into dropping their price and the buyer came back with a little more cash thanks to a gift from a relative. The end result? The buyer got just what he wanted and paid only $5,000 more than the original budget.

What to Expect from Burlington County Real Estate New Jersey

One of the things we love most about Burlington County is its vast choice of home types. There are condos, townhouses, semi-detached and single family detached homes.

In fact, there’s a really cool neighborhood that has had some wonderful growth in Marlton. Sadly, Olga’s Diner at the crossroads of Routes 70 and 73 is long gone but the town is doing well. We used to take clients there for a slab of fresh peach pie and some coffee after a showing.

This neighborhood has both single family detached homes as well as row homes in the form of 3 bedroom townhouses with a bit of acreage.

The benefit of this arrangement is that there is no HOA fee because the buyer owns the land on which her house sits. It means she’s responsible for all of the maintenance to her home unlike that of living in a condo type of neighborhood.

And Burlinton County, NJ homes for sale include a lot of these types of dwellings. Imagine being able to go out your back door and sit in a fenced in yard under a beautiful Japanese maple tree at the end of the day.

I Love Being a Real Estate Agent in Burlinton County, NJ

Part of what drew me to be a real estate agent in Burlinton County, NJ is the joy I have in helping buyers find the home that they’ve imagined. Sometimes it takes a while; sometimes the right house just pops up.

Have we ever had someone buy the first home they see? Believe it or not, yes we have.

One of my favorite clients … and yes, I have a few … walked into a semi-detached townhome and fell in love. It was on an end so they only had one party wall and they were downsizing from a 3,000 square foot home to a townhouse.

While I did suggest seeing a few more properties, they knew what they wanted and made an offer within an hour. That situation is rare but it has happened. And they’re still there living happily ever after in Burlington County.

Working with a Real Estate Agent Burlington County, NJ

real estate agent in Burlington County NJWhen you’re in the process of selecting a real estate agent in Burlington County NJ, I suggest interviewing as many as five or six before making your selection. Like any profession whether it’s a mechanic, hair stylist or dentist you will want to make sure that you feel a connection with your agent.

I’ve even had some clients go so far as to ask for references and have talked with those former clients. Any reputable professional should be happy to do that for you.

When you’re ready, use our interactive search page and pick out some neighborhoods that appeal to you. Think about what type of home you want as well as the number of bedrooms, baths and how updated the kitchen needs to be.

Armed with this information, we’ll be able to get you on the road to a new home in no time.

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