Welcome to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, a beautiful town in the southern area of the Garden State. Here in this city, there are plenty of choices in real estate agents. If you’re looking for a home, you may be considering a certain amount of bedrooms, maybe a pool or a big back yard, but have you thought about what type of house to buy? There are plenty of options, including REO, or real estate owned homes. Most people don’t consider these because of the mentality that they’re a worse choice than buying straight from another homeowner. But here in Mt. Laurel, South Jersey Real Estate is here to prove to you that not only are REO homes a better choice, you won’t find better homes for better prices anywhere in the area! After all, Roxanne Ardary, the best real estate agent in Mt. Laurel, is here to find the best real estate in South New Jersey for you!

What Are Real Estate Owned Homes?

Real Estate Owned (REO) homes are homes that were foreclosed, and are now owned by a lender, such as a bank, government loan agency, or other group. The bank then ensures that the house is in good condition and is able to be sold, and then offers it back onto the market. These houses are guaranteed to be in great condition, since they’ve failed to be sold off during the first stage of foreclosure. The lender now owns the property, and since they’re eager to sell their homes, they have fixed them up to every required standard.

Why Choose REOs?

Lenders are a more stable seller to choose from, since they have no emotions tied into the property. They won’t have any tenants that will need to move out, nor will they ever try to take the property back. They’re more stable financially, and will be willing to work with you on your payments. Since a lender is trying to rid themselves of the property, they’ll offer deeper discounts than you’d find from a homeowner, including a lowering of the taxes. The property will have no taxes carried over from the last homeowner, and there will be no debts that you’ll have to pay. The title of the home will be completely clear, and the lender will be the sole owner until the title is transferred to you. The legalities of your ownership will be easy to understand and easy to follow. You’ll be able to have the house inspected, and unlike a foreclosure auction, you’ll be able to think about the house, and whether it’s a right fit for you, without outside pressure from a homeowner. Choosing an REO is one of the safest home investments you can make!

Find the Right Home for You!

Here in South New Jersey, there are many REO homes for sale, and working with us, you’ll be working with experts who will deal with the bank for you. We’ll keep the terminology plain and simple for you, and will help you get dramatic discounts while getting our professional help to find the right price and the right monthly payment for you! Take a look at some of our best choices!

Minutes away from the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, a beautiful home sits, waiting for you to look it over. This three bedroom two bath home is simplistic, clean, and is a good 1700 square feet. A solid candidate for a small family with minimal material needs, this building sits on a large lot, great for playing and relaxing in the evenings. Every room is perfect for your favorite decorations, and with such a large lot, this home is also perfect for your personal rennovations. Fancy yourself a handyman? Want to add a game room or enlarge the kitchen? You will never lack for space, both inside and out of these sturdy walls. For only $75,000, this beautiful home at 1712 43rd St in Pennsauken can be yours. It’s currently active on the market, but is in short sale, so hurry to catch this fish before she’s gone!

Real Estate Agent in Mt. Laurel NJ

Need a bigger home? Try this two-story home at 14 Wooded Way, Turnersville. Just down the way from Bells Lake, this home has gorgeous views of the water, along with a fully furnished basement and a one-car garage. If you’re looking for large rooms, you’ll find that these four bedrooms are great, with well over 100 square feet of space each! The family room is beautifully done, and there’s even a nice fireplace for you to warm up next to on chilly nights. This classic home, made in the 60’s, has central air and heating, and has nearly 2000 square feet of space for a large family to enjoy. Listed on the market for $239,900, you won’t find this kind of quality for a lower price.

Want a sweeter home? For smaller families, this three-bedroom home is beautiful, and right in the middle of some great schools. An old lady, this 1935 home is still going strong with a two-car garage, central heating and air, and a large green lot to play in and enjoy. Close to major roads, but still in a quiet community, this home at 328 Aubudon Ave, Aubudon is the perfect choice for a smaller family.

There’s of course this perfect place at 219-221 Lake Ave, Grenloch, for a family that loves the outdoors. Right next to the beautiful Grenloch Lake, this three-bedroom home has two and a half bathrooms, two family rooms, and a large laundry room. With a gorgeous kitchen, a shed in the back, and plenty of windows, you’ll be the one to be jealous of in your social circle. With a large lot and the lake next door, you’ll be able to take advantage of the great outdoors just steps from your home, and still be home in time for dinner. There’s lots of shopping and easy access to main roads while giving the air of being secluded and woodsy, making the perfect retreat for someone who doesn’t want to travel to find nature. At $219,900, this house is just begging to be a home again.

Don’t think that you don’t have choices. With Roxanne Ardary’s help, you can be a proud homeowner of a beautiful home for a low price and minimal stress. When you’re next thinking of looking for a home, look no further than the best real estate agent in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey for foreclosed homes, short sales, luxury homes, and easy homeowner-to-homeowner sales!