I posted previously The Prep Steps for placing your home on the market. I did neglect to mention that exterminating pests should also be a high priority. By pests I mean any type of bug, insect, rodent, etc. that is invading your home.

I was showing houses to a client one day and we came to the third property she had wanted to see. The house looked very well maintained from the exterior. We entered the home and started to tour the property. My client was very pleased with the price, location, and layout of the first floor. We were in the kitchen, and she decided to check the cabinets and closets for storage space. She opened the pantry door and a mouse ran out of the pantry, past her feet, and under one of the nearby cabinets. Once she saw the mouse she shrieked and ran out of the home. Needless to say based on the client’s reaction, the mouse eliminated that house off our list of possible homes for my client.

Another property I had shown to a different client had a similar effect. Again we were in the kitchen and my client opened the pantry door and found the shelves covered with mouse droppings. This client did not run out of the house screaming, but did decide she had seen enough.

When buyers are searching for a home there are many factors that play a part in their decision to purchase or not to purchase, and they are different for every buyer. Size, location, price, layout, and “feel” of the home, are all important to most home buyers. Cleanliness plays a big part too for quite a few home buyers. A buyer could choose another house over your home for reasons you can’t control. However, pests and cleanliness are in your control. Don’t reduce your chances of finding a buyer and getting top dollar by allowing situations like these to happen. Get rid of the unwanted pests prior to showing your home by hiring a pest control company and a cleaning service if you do not have the time to correct the problem yourself