This morning I'm just posting the inventory amounts since its the first of the month. The full reports for each county aren't released until the around the 10th. The data displayed is from Trend MLS as of today, March 1st 2006. Keep in mind though, that the sold data isn't complete since all transactions for the end of February have not been entered or adjusted.

Burlington County:
Current Inventory: 2505 (available homes for sale)
Monthly Average number of homes sold: 623
Inventory Accumulation: 4 months


Camden County:
Current Inventory: 2464 (available homes for sale)
Monthly Average number of homes sold: 668
Inventory Accumulation: 3.6 months

Gloucester County:
Current Inventory: 1540 (available homes for sale)
Monthly Average number of homes sold: 336
Inventory Accumulation: 4.5 months

By the initial statistics it looks like the February residential sales did not follow the seasonal norm. February is usually the slowest month of the year for home sales, however all three counties seem to have increased from the Jan 2006 home sales, even surpassing the home sales for February 2005. Again, the data displayed is subject to change slightly as the end of the month home sales are recorded and adjusted.

I'm going to try to keep all future inventory updates closer to the beginning of the month. Waiting until the monthly reports are released almost mid month is causing the average sold data to be very volatile since the inventory accounts for all current listings but does not include current sales (only the previous full 12 month average).