There's always been some confusion as to how Cherry Hill, NJ was named. Many residents in Cherry Hill believe the town was named after the Cherry Hill Mall. Cherry Hill was originally named Delaware Township. It was renamed Cherry Hill on Nov. 7, 1961. The reason the town needed a new name was because they wanted their own post office and there were other areas in New Jersey already named Delaware. Cherry Hill had been the name of a farm, which was located where the Cherry Hill Inn had been built, which is now the location of the Loews Movie Theater. The largest developer in the 1940's - 1960's, Eugene Mori, named many of his properties after the Cherry Hill farm, which included the Cherry Hill Inn, Cherry Hill Apartments, and Cherry Hill Estates. When the mall was constructed they named it similarly to the other developed properties. When the town needed a new name, Cherry Hill was chosen.

Every now and then I like to pull out some interesting facts about our area. Since so many believe it was named after the Mall I thought I'd help clarify the history to the towns name.