This submission to our real estate horror stories starts creepy but ends a bit on the funny side ....

I used to work with a Realtor who received a call from a client who wanted to sell her home in a rural area. While the agent was talking to her client at the house, the seller kept referring to her father as though he were in the room with them, although the agent knew the father had passed on some time before. To make the situation even more strange, the seller kept getting up from the couch and looking into the backyard.

Eventually, the seller asked the Realtor if she thought her father would mind if she sold the property. The agent said no, since her father was gone, she didn't think he would mind.

The seller responded with, "He isn't gone! He's right there!", pointing to a dirt mound in the yard.

The agent got up and left the house without saying another word.

Later the agent did find out that "daddy" had loved his home and acreage so much that he had wanted to be buried there. So after his cremation, his daughter had built a small mound and placed his urn inside.

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