I stubbled across a Famous Firsts webpage today which detailed quite a few things which happened first right here in New Jersey.  Here are a few featured firsts for your enjoyment :) 


  • First Balloon Flight In America
    On January 9, 1973, Jean-Pierre Blanchard landed a balloon in Deptford carrying a letter for George Washington.
  • First Professional Basketball Game
    Played in Trenton in 1896

  • First Miss America
    Chosen in 1921 in Atlantic City
  • First Boardwalk in the World
    Built in Atlantic City in 1870
  • First Salt Water Taffy
    Produced in the 1870's at the Jersey Shore

  • First Condensed Soup
    Cooked and Canned in Camden County in 1897
  • First Inter-Collegiate Football Game
    Played between Rutgers University and Princeton on November 6, 1869

  • First Drive-In Movie Theater
    Built in 1933 on a 10 acre plot in Camden County

Ride it, Baby!

  • First Airplane Passenger Service
    Inaugurated in Atlantic City on May 3, 1919

There are quite a few other "firsts" listed on there from other parts of NJ.  I'm wondering if that's the full list or if there are other things New Jersey was first for that aren't included.  If you know of any please post them in the comments, I would love to know!  If you love unique and fun loving artwork, follow me on Twitter.