Our star performers are not dancers or SEO (search engine optimization) experts….  This is an example of what happens when a handful of real estate agents get together on a forum, left to their own devices, to try to figure out the wicked ways of the world wide web, search engines and their real estate blogs. 

Roxanne:  This blog is driving me nuts… every time I get one thing working something else breaks. I don't recall having this much trouble when I first set it up

Ken: you are just on a learning curve, keep working on it and you will get the hang of how to use it, as they say practice makes perfect

Roxanne:  Learning curve?  It’s more like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back.  What’s the diagram for that learning curve look like?

Glen:  Sounds like a Cha Cha to me

Roxanne:  And I used to love the spot dances

Glen:  I found a plug-in for social bookmarking - but I can't get it to work. 

Max:  I think this guy is trying to start a blog war with me

Gene:  Don’t answer him, it takes two to Tango, you know?

Roxanne:  this is what I get for taking five months off blogging and thinking I could Waltz right back into it and just pick up where I left off

New Agent: I just started and feel like I am stepping on my own toes.

Roxanne:  I know how ya feel, just when you think you got the Swing of things…

Mack:  Has this thread turned into "Dancing With The SEO Stars"?

Roxanne:  SEO Stars, yah right!  That reminds me though, I need to make some time to hustle up some new inbound links

New Agent:  This might be a little offbeat but.. I received this email today from a company that said they could get my site to the top of the search engines

Toby:  Sounds a bit hokey to me.  Anybody know how to get anchor links to work? My link format doesn’t seem to be working..

Glen:  You put the pound sign in, take that backslash out, put the anchor name in.. then you link it all about!

Eric: Now THAT'S hokey.  Why do I get the feeling this is the blind leading the blind?  Anybody else hoping LSU makes it to the Rosebowl?

Bob:  Just remember when getting those inbound links, it’s quality over quantity. There’s no Quickstep to stardom.

Matt:  Words to the wise right there.. think outside the box!

Roxanne:   I finally got my theme to work again..  Looks like it’s time 2 dance!  Wait till you see my next blog post!

It’s a good thing we know more about real estate then we do about SEO or dancing for that matter. And yes, I did embellish the conversation a teenie weenie bit :)  Regardless..

A big hello goes out to all my dancing friends and any other Ballroom and Latin dancers out there that end up reading this. And, a big thanks to my real estate friends for all the help and for making this continuously frustrating experience, somewhat entertaining.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…. Real Estate.