April 9, 2023

The Sweet Taste of Victory: Recipe Inside

In the beginning, there was one... Adam stood alone in his backyard, gazing out at the empty plot of land. He dreamed of a lush garden, filled with the sweetest fruits and the most vibrant colors. With a determined look in his eye, he set to work.

First, he planted ...

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April 3, 2023

Dream Homes: Blooming the Benefits

Owning your own home can be a beautiful and life-changing experience. It is a space where you can create and reflect the universe inside, a place where your heart can truly feel at ease. While it may seem like a daunting task to purchase, owning your own home is one ...

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March 27, 2023

The Spring Mix

Food for thought... Using edible landscaping for beautiful gardens.

Spring is here, warm weather approaches, and the cherry blossoms are blooming.  It's the time of year when our focus shifts to the amazing gardening opportunities that can accomplish both beautiful curb appeal and a sustainable future.

We have the ...

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Oct. 20, 2007

Jell-O Architecture

Liz Hickok is a San Francisco based artist working in photography, video, sculpture, installation, and currently, Jell-O.  The following photographs are from her exhibits featuring various San Francisco landscapes and Scottsdale, AZ Center of the Arts. The Jell-O sculptures decay quickly leaving only the photographs and a few videos to display her works of ...

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Oct. 8, 2007

Amazing Photos of Castles, Palaces, and Chateaux

I wanted to showcase the incredible architectural design of the castles and palaces that were constructed in various centuries and came across quite a few stunning photos and images.  Most of the photographs have been artistically enhanced (HDR) by the original photographer or later by the mentioned artist. Some are absolutley amazing.

Be sure to ...

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Jan. 2, 2007

Famous New Jersey Firsts

I stubbled across a Famous Firsts webpage today which detailed quite a few things which happened first right here in New Jersey.  Here are a few featured firsts for your enjoyment :) 


  • First Balloon Flight In America
    On January 9, 1973, Jean-Pierre Blanchard landed a balloon in Deptford carrying ...
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Dec. 21, 2005

Welcome Aboard!

Hello and thanks for stopping in. I've created this blog to talk about the different aspects of real estate in the Burlington County and Camden County area, as well as to share some personal experiences around New Jersey.

For starters my name is Roxanne Ardary a.k.a "Real ...

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