Real estate owned also known as REO is a common term used for properties owned by any financial institution after an unsuccessful sale of property in a foreclosure auction or a short sale. The real estate comes in the position of a foreclosure when the borrower is unable to make and sustain monthly payments to the lender that results to a foreclosure.

Investing in a foreclosed or REO property in an upcoming neighborhood in Camden County can help you tap into a lucrative business that can reap you profit over time. As these homes are sold for less than what the market has to offer, these homes can be bought, repaired and either be put on rent or hold to get the right price of the property.

There are two types of stages a house has to undergo before it is marked for sale by the financial institution. You have three chances to buy a foreclosed or REO home with an experienced Camden County real estate agent that can help you get that home.

Here are the phases a property undergoes before you can buy at an affordable price:

  • The first stage: You can purchase a property even before it is put up for foreclosure. With a help of a realtor in Camden County that will help you find the borrower of the house, you may be able to strike a deal before the house is open for the market. A good knowledge of the neighborhood, house, and the borrower is essential when you plan to purchase from a defaulter. Most of these homes are not well-maintained, therefore a thorough inspection is required before any decision is made. A popular realtor in the neighborhood will help you get the property tour which might be difficult if you try to do it by yourself.
  • The Second Stage: If you miss a chance to negotiate a deal before the foreclosure, you can always purchase it in the second phase. The property is marked for foreclosure or short sale that means the estate will be open to the market. The downside is that there will be more offers than before and you might not get a chance to view the property as the tenant might be still living inside. With a real estate agent in Camden County, you might be able to view new house because of the popularity he might have in the neighborhood.
  • The Third Stage: The property is labeled as REO that means that it is now in the ownership of a financial institution after unsuccessful attempts to sell a house from a foreclosure. A bank’s aim is to get the most out of the property without investing in anything. Dealing directly with a bank can be a hassle and can take quite a time to decide as there are many layers of hierarchies to follow. There are some agents who have good ties with few banks that can lead to a quicker decision that may be beneficial for you in getting a right deal at the right time.

Purchasing a property at any stage has its own pros and cons. Camden County real estate can help you make the right decision and decide on the perfect stage to buy a particular property.

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Agents selling homes in Camden County can help you overcome the challenges that you can face while buying a foreclosure or REO property

Apart from the issues you can face while deciding on the 3 stages to purchase a property, there are many other factors Jersey real estate can help you overcome.

  • Information on Financial Matters: Although REO properties rarely have any debt on them, when taking a decision on foreclosed real estate it is very difficult to get financial information about the house. With a help from a Camden County real estate agent, you can get all the information and papers regarding the house.
  • Property Condition: It is experienced that most of the distressed homes that are up for foreclosure or bank-owned have a poor condition, as the resident might not have been able to keep up with the maintenance work. Jersey real estate can help you find the most suitable property for your use. Be it for rent or future re-sell purpose, we can help you find a real estate that can give you a maximum return on investment.
  • Fast process: If you plan to buy a foreclosed property that is owned by a bank, you can face a communication gap between you and the lender. There are a lot of layers of management involved while deciding over the final price. Most banks try to pitch a high price to show investors that they tried their level best to get the most out of the property. The key to getting the right price is a negotiation that only an experienced real estate agent in Camden County can help you out with. Some of the agents have personal connections inside the bank that can ease the negotiation and documentation process.

South Jersey Real Estate can help you find the most suitable real estate for active adults in Camden County. America is aging and investing in a community that serves senior citizens is a viable and lucrative option. Camden county communities provide a range of amenities for those who plan to retire or just want to upgrade their lifestyle. Contact us now for a more detailed overview regarding foreclosed and REO homes and the benefit you can get by investing in them.

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