Purchasing a home that has been repossessed by the bank can be done at one of the many auctions, or you have the option of skipping that step and buy before it hits the market. Roxanne Ardary, a full time South Jersey real estate agent, offers an immense amount of resources regarding her South Jersey homes for sale, and attention to the needs of the buyer.

Working with agents that know the best transportation and moving companies to make moving day simpler, she has access to the companies that get the job done right. Spacious homes, with rooms fit for comfort, to starter homes for the first time buyers. These all make up the neighborhoods of South Jersey. Moving is made easy with the personal attention you receive from the best South Jersey real estate company. Buying in the area is made easily accessible and abundant. Going about the process is no harder than a few words with a South Jersey realtor.

South Jersey Real Estate

Buying a home that has been repossessed is a process, and going about the process is made simple. When homes are foreclosed, the first part of the process is determining the equity is allotted to the property. Determining this can be done by obtaining a Broker’s Price Opinion or BPO. This is done when a sales agent deems it unnecessary to wait a lengthy amount of time for an appraisal. Doing this can issue a short sale, at the request of the homeowner, and if not given, can be sold at a foreclosure auction. If these methods are all used and no sale is imminent, the home is then owned by the bank.


Buying real estate in South Jersey, is made easy due to the research the best South Jersey realtors take the time to provide to the consumer. When relocating to South Jersey, there are many different neighborhoods fit for families, age restricted communities, and first time buyers. Relocation to or from South Jersey is made easier to ensure that moving is not as stressful.

Services such as shipping and transportation are made abundant to the buyer or seller, leaving South Jersey or otherwise. Making the move that much simpler, relocating services are a top priority for the South Jersey real estate. Purchasing has never been so easy, and knowing where to begin has become just as simple.


Forclosure Homes for Sale in South Jersey

When in pre-foreclosure, the homeowner still owns the home, and as a homebuyer, it is now the owner you are working with to make the purchase. This process is the first of which the home may be available, being that the homeowner can still be sure to maintain ownership. If interested in a home being in the beginning stages of foreclosure, getting with a real estate agent and communicating with the homeowner is the first step.

The fact that it is still pre-foreclosure, the homeowner may not be interested in selling. If an agreement is reached, however and both sides want to continue, terms must be reached for the purchase. When buying the property in pre-foreclosure, it is important to have an attorney or company issuing titles to help in this part of the process.

Auction Properties

When going about acquiring property at an auction, the steps are made easy to follow for the first time buyers. It is a good idea to drive by homes for sale in South Jersey to get a feel for the neighborhood, as well as the condition the property may be in. Doing this, information about the property and surrounding areas can be easy to come by, from neighbors or talking to the homeowner.

Now, you can determine the status of the auction, if the homeowner is attempting to retain the property, or if the auction will be pushed back. When attending the auction, the regulations are different in certain states, needing the full amount of the bid present at the time. Auctions typically take place in the county of the property or nearby.

Determining how much you are willing to bid on the property is an important piece in the plot, and not one that should be taken too lightly. Auctions have the environment which bidders attempt to make potential buyers exceed the amount which they previously planned to spend. Setting a ceiling for which not to exceed at such an auction will keep you from paying a greater amount.

Making sure the auction has not been postponed is important, and making sure ahead of time will also allow you to clear the rescheduled auction date. Being the winning bidder, you may take ownership right away, or could take up to a few days to get the proper ownership.

Closing the Deal

Real estate brokers are often the ones hired to sell the REO properties, but do vary with larger and smaller banks. Banks often work closely with buyers to be sure a deal is done. This is so their loss isn’t significant, getting the property sold to a reliable buyer.

South Jersey realtor, Roxanne Ardary, has had great success in the South Jersey area. Buying South Jersey real estate has been given the passion of the best real estate company. Purchasing property in the area is made easier with the attention and credibility, and realtors work closely with the buyer to ensure the happiness as well as the satisfaction of the buyer along with the seller.