The Burlington County New Jersey real estate market data for 2005 shows a strong first and second quarter for real estate sales. The second half of 2005 shows the steady decline in homes sales from August through December.

 2005 Burlington County 3 Year Real Estate Sales Comparison

Burlington County Jan - Dec 2005
11069 residential properties listed 7580 sold
The average number of homes sold per month for 2005 was 632 and the average days on market was 50. We entered January 2006 with 2122 homes on the market. Based on the average sold the current inventory is aprroximately 3.4 months.

Burlington County Jan - Dec 2004
10211 residential properties listed 7661
The average sold per month was 638 and the average days on the market was 49.

Based on Information from Trend

Burlington County experienced a slight softening compared to 2004 but still more favorable towards sellers. If 2006 follows the same trend as the fourth quarter of 2005 we should be experiencing a more balanced market.