It is typical for a market slow down in the Burlington County area as we approached the holiday season and the winter months. This year, November had 764 properties listed with 530 properties sold. The number of properties listed is a significant increase compared to the properties listed in November over the last couple of years.

November 2005: 764 Listed 530 Sold
November 2004: 643 Listed 632 Sold
November 2003: 606 Listed 504 Sold
November 2002: 540 Listed 505 Sold
November 2001: 579 Listed 523 Sold

Burlington County January through November Market Activity:

Jan - Nov 2005 : 10510 Listed 7060 Sold
Jan - Nov 2004 : 9727 Listed 7096 Sold
Jan - Nov 2003 : 9025 Listed 6637 Sold
Jan - Nov 2002 : 8253 Listed 6313 Sold
Jan - Nov 2001 : 8141 Listed 6061 Sold

The numbers for 2005 indicate more properties coming onto the market while the number of buyers slightly declined compared to 2004 throughout Burlington County. This could be good news for buyers as we close out the year and move into 2006. Over the last couple of years we have experienced a seller's market. Now, as the market normalizes, buyers may experience less competition for the properties they want as the inventory increases. For sellers, that would mean less of a chance of a bidding war driving up the price on their home. Seller's may have to be a little more competitive with their pricing since there may be more available homes for buyers to choose from. Visit the following link for more information on the Burlington County housing market conditions.