Cherry Hill real estate New Jersey

Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy a new home! And we’re glad that you’ve decided to join us in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but have you thought about what type of home you want? How many bedrooms you need, and what you can afford? If you’ve got that list all set, then wonderful, but you’ll still need to find a home that matches. And not everyone has time to sit around looking at real estate for hours on end, hoping and praying that the next click or the next page will hold your new home. That’s why Roxanne Ardary is here, working hard every day to do the footwork for you. Being one of the best realtors in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, she looks for great new homes at great low prices that could be an amazing home for you. And the best part is, with Roxanne, there’s no guesswork for you, no worrying, and no hidden rules or secrets. Even in Cherry Hill, a gorgeous town not too far from Philadelphia and right next to the Delaware River, Roxanne has found amazing homes at affordable prices, such as these:

61 Knollwood Dr.

It’s hard to find an affordable home with enough rooms, especially in such a high-class town as Cherry Hill. But on Knollwood Drive, there’s a home that has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and room for a big family. The ornate double door opens up to a beautiful family room, grand hardwood flooring, large windows, and a stairway to the bottom floor. The kitchen and dining room are simple, with no overly ornate additions that can become gaudy at the drop of a hat. There’s plenty of counter space and tile flooring to make clean up a breeze, with plenty of windows to keep the room bright and lively. On the bottom floor, there’s another family room, perfect for curling up and watching a movie in. The tiled bathrooms don’t require a lot of dressing up, providing simple and entertaining designs for the occasional bathroom “selfie.” Let’s not forget the backyard, though! Even in Cherry Hill, you don’t have to pay for a large backyard. This home sits on a large yard, which can be viewed from the beautiful redwood back deck, and is great for barbeques, parties, and playing. For such a large home in Cherry Hill, it’s a steal for only $275,000.

6 Carlton Rd.

If you’re looking for modern glam in an historic area, then this home is perfect for you! This unique five-bedroom home has custom stone fronting, huge spaces, two stories, and enough glamour to make you feel like a millionaire without spending like one. Head through the gate and through the front doors to be faced with a beautiful spiral staircase and a two-story foyer perfect for grand entrances and exits. Huge rooms aren’t all that this place offers, though. The kitchen itself is worth drooling over, what with expansive counter space, an island stove, beautiful lighting and room to stretch out. This home is made for parties and modest bragging, what with the huge family room complete with a stone wall and built-in fireplace and bar, a formal sitting room with beautiful chandeliers and tiled floors, and rounded archways for extra height. You’ll never run out of space in this huge 4800 sq. ft. home, especially after you’ve discovered just how much this home is hiding. There are three closets in the master bedroom alone, a patio on the second floor that faces out, a sunken tub in the master suite and a hidden sauna room. For this endless mansion, built to the brim to shock and awe, we’re only asking $325,000, an incredible steal for an incredible home.

1219 Winston Way

Smaller homes are still out there, and if you’re not looking for something too large, then a three bedroom might be just the ticket. This particular home is a more modest 1800 sq. ft., storing quite a bit of space. You might say that it’s larger on the inside, with large floor plans, carefully planned windows and bright airy colors made to stretch these large rooms even more.  The humble front view of this home can teach you a thing or two about judging a book by its cover, once you walk in to see the vaulted ceilings of the living room and dining room. The hardwood flooring shines in the daylight, fully sealed and carefully maintained, and leads the way to a modern dining room and a simple staircase. Between the two stands the kitchen, brightly lit with solid oak cabinetry and plenty of counter space. Up the stairs stand the bedrooms, bright and picturesque, made specifically to retain the summer feeling even through December. With modern décor and a fully finished and furnished basement, this home has left its past behind to be modern and secure, all for the incredibly low price of $250,000.

13 Saint Martins Rd.

Brick homes always seem to bring the charm, and this one doesn’t disappoint. This three-bedroom beauty boasts more than 2000 sq. ft. of space, doubled over two floors. Built in 1956 with a colonial style, the charm brings on a taste of history, while keeping the modern comforts in stride. With a breakfast bar, office, staircase with foyer, and huge master bedroom, It’ll be hard to leave the house for someplace less comforting. After all, the beautiful hardwood flooring and beautiful cherry cabinetry adds to a sense of age and class without actually taking away the luxury of modern applications. The bedrooms are all well lit, with large windows to bring the light in, and the bathrooms have been modernized and maintained well. There’s also a sealed off porch with a built in bar for the occasional lunch or party, with clear glass walls and doors to keep nature close, while keeping the bugs out. The basement is fully furnished, and with plenty of storage space, you’ll be able to make a second family room without a single box in sight. This home, as beautiful as it is, keeps its price low for the right family, at $279,900.

If you want a home in Cherry Hill, then you need Roxanne Ardary. She’s got her fingers on the pulse of the Cherry Hill real estate market, and can find you amazing real estate in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for amazing prices. If you’re set on Cherry Hill, then contact Roxanne at 856-857-2219 today!