Real Estate Agent in Burlington County, NJ

Looking for a new home can’t be easy. After all, there’s your dream home that you’ve got detailed down to the hinges on your kitchen cabinets, the list of what you can’t live without, the list of what you’d prefer, and your list of deal breakers to deal with. Then you’ve got to find a realtor, ensure that they know what you want and compare it to what you can afford, and hopefully find you a great home within the time frame you’ve set up. The main problem there is that you’ve got to find the right realtor for you. Out of all the choices there are, you’ll want the best. So how can you find the best realtor in your county? That’s easy; all you’ve got to do is come to Roxanne Ardary, the best real estate agent in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Roxanne Ardary works hard every day to find the best real estate, trying to get the best prices for her clients. She knows the in and outs of real estate all through South New Jersey, and can find you your new home. After all, she’s already found some great homes at amazing prices, such as these:

209 W. Center Ave, Maple Shade

Need a large home for a large family? You can’t pass up this home, sitting on a half-acre lot in the beautiful Maple Shade. This four-bedroom home is a piece of history, still standing strong. If you need some extra space, don’t worry about the living room getting inundated with toys of all sorts, there’s a playroom made just for that. There’s a full attic and basement, a new roof, nice new heating, and updated windows to keep this home up to date and ready to keep you protected from the elements. It’s a two-story home that has a beautiful front, with simple and clean dark trim against the white walls. The kitchen has a warm and sunny glow year-round, while the backyard is big enough for nearly any get-together. During the winter, you won’t have to worry about muddy entryways; there’s an enclosed porch for chasing away the winter chill. For all your needs through the year, this large home is perfect.

322 Palmer St, Riverside

Want a new home near Philadelphia, but you don’t want to pay high prices for small rooms? Look at this beauty in Riverside, just a stone’s throw from the City of Brotherly Love. With two bedrooms and two baths, this home is just small enough to feel like you belong there, but not small enough to make you feel cramped. The bright rooms give the illusion of giant rooms, but the smaller lot means you pay less to heat the rooms in the winter, as well as saving yourself from dusting all that extra space. Even so, this beautiful home has a fireplace, a sun room that could be an office or nursery, and a giant family room with a built in bar! The porch is sheltered enough from the elements to keep you from getting frozen while getting your big boots off, and the kitchen is perfect for making hot chocolate on those cold days. The windows are fully updated, and the rooms are simple and clean, just waiting for your favorite pictures to be hung and your sofa to be put in place. With the perfect distance between you and Philadelphia, this home is a steal at $214,900.

2415 Chestnut Hill Dr, Cinnaminson

Four bedrooms are a growing popularity in the housing business, and this four bedroom home is no different. In the beautiful town of Cinnaminson, you’ll find this beautiful home standing tall, the brick siding adding to its austere demeanor. A simple find for a quiet family, the home starts with a sheltered porch, great for sitting on in hot summers and storing boots in cold winters, and enters into a sunken living room. The home is warm and roomy, with wooden, brick, and plaster walls making the place seem less cookie cutter than the homes built now. The spacious kitchen is great for cooking, with enough space for whatever dinner you’ve planned, and isn’t boxed in. The bedrooms are simple and clean, and every room is a different color. It’s wonderful for someone who doesn’t really want a plain white home inside and out, and is a beautiful steal for only $154,900. With a large backyard and a raised wooden deck, this short-sale home is just waiting for you!

178 Maskells Mill Rd, Salem

While this isn’t the Salem known for the witch trials, this is the Salem with beautiful homes and amazing prices. This four-bedroom home lies on a huge 9.7-acre lot, all with vibrant green grass. The house itself is picture perfect, with a flagpole to complete the image. The bright red door opens up to an interior just as pretty and cheery as the exterior, complete with a rustic family room, a gorgeous wooded kitchen, an airy dining room, and a long winding staircase. Straight out of the movies, this beauty is carefully taken care of, with a nice covered walk to the garage and large rooms for everyone. This 1976 building has modern bathrooms and windows, a new roof, and a freshly paved driveway, making sure that you don’t give up modern comforts for the classic look. If you think that you’re going to have to pay out the nose for a gem like this, then you’re wrong. This Salem, New Jersey house can be your home for only $340,000 and a smile.

As you can see, there are plenty of homes in and around Burlington County, New Jersey that are ready for a new family. They range from one to 12 bedrooms, and can be less than a hundred thousand dollars or over a million. With such a wide range in such a beautiful county, what are you waiting for? Call Roxanne Ardary now, before your future home is taken by someone else! Find your dream come true through Roxanne Ardary, the best real estate agent in Burlington County, New Jersey.