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Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a thriving modern township. Founded in 1844 and located in Camden County, this city has a long history of providing for its citizens and being a great place to work and to live. Like most American cities, it began with rural roots and has gradually expanded into a suburb after World War II. Cherry Hill is what is called an “edge town”, meaning it lies on the edge between rural and urban environments. Its close proximity to major city centers and highways while maintaining a small-town environment makes it an ideal location for both work and home life.

Those looking to buy a home or other property in Cherry Hill can trust in my twenty years of experience as a real estate agent and realtor in Southern Jersey. I have come to know Southern Jersey very well and can help you find the home you’ve been hoping for. As your representative and realtor for the Cherry Hill, NJ area, it is my pleasure to help you find a property that suits your needs. I confident that there is a property here that suits your specific needs.

I love working with people because I get to know them on an interpersonal level, I help them with their needs and I know how to deliver. I have worked extensively with families and individuals in all kinds of situations on all kinds of budgets. I know that Cherry Hill is a great community for you and yours, and I know that as you learn more about the opportunities available here, you’ll come to agree with the city motto of Cherry Hill: “You couldn’t pick a better place.”

Cherry Hill: A Little Bit of Everything

The schools of the Cherry Hill Township School District hold an 8 out of 10 average rating on the GreatSchools website, which ranks schools on a number of pertinent criteria. The district features 12 elementary schools, three middle schools and three high schools. For those pursuing higher education, five colleges are found near Cherry Hill, including Rutgers-Camden, a member of the prestigious Rutgers University. These highly rated institutions assure you that your family can receive a great education while living in Cherry Hill Township.

Prominent in the Cherry Hill community is the Cherry Hills Mall, with more than 150 stores featuring electronics, food, toys, games, dental services, optometry, jewelry, cosmetics and lots and lots of clothes. The town itself also features many specialty stores, including shops for fishing, scuba diving and toy trains. Its proximity to interstate highways offers easy access to Philadelphia, New York City, Atlantic City and Washington, D.C. while avoiding the constant hustle of those larger cities.

Our 121 neighborhoods and complexes in and around Cherry Hill have properties for all types of families and needs. There are single-family homes, apartment complexes, condominium units and large estates, all at varying distances from schools, shopping centers, workplaces and other city attractions. Each of these diverse communities has its own sense of style and values. My familiarity with all these communities gained through years of experience will help me help you find a property that is a right fit for you.

Over 215 companies from all major industries operate in and around Cherry Hill, as part of more than 700 companies in Camden County. The close access to New York City and Philadelphia provides Cherry Hill residents with global business opportunities at work while having a small-town feel at home. Nearby airports connect Chery Hill and the rest of New Jersey with the entire world. Life in New Jersey provides its citizens with all kinds of opportunities for business, growth and prosperity.

Cherry Hill also enjoys proximity to the Delaware River and the Atlantic Ocean. Wilderness areas nearby include the 6,681-acre Brigantine Wilderness near Atlantic City and the 3,660-acre Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness near New York City. Both feature a wide variety of birds, reptiles, marine life and birds. There are many other opportunities to enjoy the wilderness in and around New Jersey – I myself enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing and horseback riding near where I live in New Jersey.

Best Real Estate Agency in Cherry Hill, NJ

A skilled realtor knows the ins and outs of the entire buying and selling process. One who has experience in an area knows how that process works in that area, as well as being familiar with the properties and the neighborhood. A realtor can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of a particular area relative to another property – they are your tour guide to the real estate market in that area. I can do all these things for you, allowing you to survey the greatest number of properties possible and be confident in your final choice.

Those looking to sell property in the Cherry Hill area can trust in my real estate expertise. I take pride in making the best sale according to your timetable. A steady flow of buyers moving to or within New Jersey combined with more than 20 years of mean that I can help you find a buyer in your price range and you can move on to your next big step.

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